Integration and implementation of the SLDC WATERFALL Cycle with the Scrum Cycle (in the period from 05.2016 to 02.2018)

Implementation at ABC Data S.A. in the period from 05.2016 to 02.2018 the IT production cycle consisting of two parts, i.e. the WATERFALL part (Analysis, architecture development: (High Level Design (HLD) + Low Level Design (LLD)) and an integrated implementation process based on SCRUM, which means the combination and integration of these two production cycles. The integration takes place at the level of Use Cases (UML USE CASE), which are mapped to User Stories (Scrum). Architecture quality process management.

Conducting training for the Ministry of Finance in terms of process modeling in BPMN 2.0 technology and business process management (2011.09).

As a result of winning the tender MCS jointly with RedPill carried out in the Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Finance Radom training in BPMN modeling and managing business processes.

Auditing of the implementation methodology of the IMPULS BPSC system for BPSC JSC company (2011.02)

MCS has done on behalf of BPSC JSC leading supplier of ERP systems auditing ERP implementation methodology for IMPULSE BPSC, product development and sale of which is the main activity of BPSC JSC

The new implementation (2010.09)

MCS participates in the implementation of an ERP system “Impulse” BPSC JSC Dr. Jerzy Roszkowski serves as Quality Manager for the side of the Purchaser.

Training of customer’s in the area of project management methodology Prince 2 (2010.08)

MCS trained energy company executives SEJ JSC in project management in accordance with Prince 2. Training received very high customer evaluation.

References dr Roszkowski