Business Process Management

We are experts in the field of “Business Process Management.” It is a methodology of work organization and set of tools that enable companies to increase efficiency and effectiveness through modeling, automation, reorganization and optimization of business and system processes. We are experts in the field of: analysis, modeling and process architecture, system IT architecture. We act in accordance with a methodology that is developed and tested. Typical analytical projects conducted by the MCS are usually organized in three main phases: descriptive (audit), analytic and synthetic.

  • The first one is designed for presentation accurate and current picture of processes included in the scope of the project.
  • In the second phase the processes are analyzed in respect to quantitative and qualitative and compared with other known practices, in order to finding strengths and weaknesses of each. In this phase are described so-called. “Business requirements” to IT solutions.
  • In the third phase on the basis of conclusions received in the previous two is conducted simulation and processes optimization by using specialized tools.
  • In the modeling and simulation techniques we use BPMN, Aris, object-oriented techniques based on UML using specialized tools such as Aris Platform, Enterprise Architect, Visual Paradigm.

Modeling begins with the preparation of the added value of such a diagram like this:

Then each of the specific processes is modeled as a BPMN diagram. Then is carried out a simulation and optimization models.

Simulation and optimization of the process model itself is an iterative process during the tuning process is carried out by removing the so-called “bottlenecks”.